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Welcome to The Nile Group - Middle East Market Online

We Connect People with their needs of beauty

With Nile Group you will get a good deal

with an exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible .. Our unique fragrances, innovative design and attractive packaging have been warmly welcomed by a large and growing customer base throughout the Republic in the past years and we have achieved excellent success through you and now we can buy our products through the Internet through investing heavily in research and development.

We are able to follow the market

trends and new preferences

that allow us to experience the highly qualified perfume team and designers, so we have exciting fragrances that men and women are proud of throughout The Egyptian Arabic Republic.


Your Way To beaut

We believe in how to act as a company and as a person,
Our Vision: extends beyond the products that the things that we do to make beauty for us is as you want to be, and an opportunity to live life in your own way and this is the opportunity of the Nile Group, and we can help you to achieve your status and you choose the appropriate path to you

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